Wayne-Du Page Hunt

Pay Dues and Fees



To be an active member in Pony Club, you are required to pay Club Dues, Regional Dues and National Dues.

Club Dues and Regional Dues are to be paid below.

For National Dues, pay directly to United States Pony Club by visiting http://www.ponyclub.org.


Club Dues

Dues for Wayne DuPage Hunt Pony Club.  100% of the funds collected are kept within our club to support our club activities.

# of Pony Clubbers in the family



Regional Dues

Dues to support our region. 100% of the funds collected are passed on to NCPR.

# of Pony Clubbers in the family



Uprating Prep Fee

Saturday, April 6, 2019 @ Dunham Woods Riding Club with Jane McDowell

Prepping for Level



Testing Fee

Sunday, May 5, 2019 @ Dunham Woods Riding Club

Testing Type
Testing to Level



Sponsors Dues

$25 Sponsors Dues (sponsors must be approved by the D.C.)



Christmas Party Tickets

$12 per attendee for the WDHPC Annual Christmas Party (catered dinner provided)

Number of Attendees




Monday, June 10, 2019 through Wednesday June 12, 2019


Number of MOUNTED Campers


Number of UNMOUNTED Campers



Visit the North Central Prairie Region site for more information on Pony Club activities available in the region.